General Education Committee Members

Committee Members

General Faculty Representatives

  • Chair: Dr. Jerrold Hogle (Vice Provost, Instruction; University Distinguished Prof.; Gen. Ed. Instructor; past UWGEC Chair)
  • Dr. Malcolm Compitello (Professor and Department Head, Spanish and Portuguese, COH; Foundations; UWGEC)
  • Dr. Antonio Estrada (Professor, Program Director, Mexican American Studies, SBS; SPBAC Chair)
  • Dr. John Hildebrand (Regents’ Professor, Director, Neurobiology, COS; Committee of Eleven)
  • Dr. Wanda Howell (University Distinguished Professor, Nutritional Sciences, CALS; Gen. Ed. Instructor; Faculty Senate)
  • Dr. Geta LeSeur-Brown (Professor, Africana Studies, COH; Diversity Coalition)
    Dr. Patricia MacCorquodale (Dean, Honors College; Gen. Ed. Instructor; Academic Council)
  • Dr. Daniel Madden (Associate Professor, Mathematics, COS; Foundations coordinator/instructor)
  • Mr. Paul Melendez (Lecturer, Program Director, Academic and External Relations, Eller College; Undergraduate Advisor)
  • Dr. Thomas Miller (Director, Writing Program, and Professor, English, COH; Foundations)
  • Dr. Judith Nantell (Vice Dean, Professor, Spanish and Portuguese, COH; Foundations; UWGEC)
  • Dr. Kimberly Ogden (Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, COEng)
  • Dr. Lucinda Rankin (Lecturer, Physiology, COM; Health Sciences)
    Dr. Dennis Ray (University Distinguished Professor, Plant Sciences, CALS; UWGEC Chair)
  • Dr. Robert Robichaux (University Distinguished Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, COS; former member UWGEC)
  • Dr. Richard Ruiz (Department Head, Professor, Language, Reading and Culture, COE; alternative learning techniques)
  • Dr. James Shockey (Associate Dean, Associate Professor, Sociology, SBS; CAAC; UWGEC)
  • Dr. Daniel Stein (Department Head and Professor, Physics, COS; [undergraduate education award winner])
  • Dr. Timothy Swindle (Professor, Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, COS; Gen. Ed. Instructor)
  • Ms. Lynne Tronsdal (Assistant Vice President, Student Retention; UWGEC)
  • Mr. Jeffrey Warburton (Associate Professor, Theatre Arts, COFA; Department Advisor; Gen. Ed. Instructor, Faculty Fellows)

Student Representatives

  • Ms. Emily Upstill (UA undergraduate, still taking Gen. Ed. courses, Eller College of Management; ASUA representative)
  • Ms. Karen Lutrick (recent UA graduate; now Teaching Teams coordinator; UWGEC)
    Ms. Holly Mandes (grad. assistant, Foundations; GPSC representative)

Instructional Support Team

  • Dr. Elena Berman (Outcomes Assessment, Office of the Provost)
  • Ms. Roxie Catts (UA coordinator, academic advising)
  • Mr. William Fee (Transfer Articulation; UWGEC)
  • Mr. Edward Frisch (Financial management, Office of the Provost)
  • Ms. Louise Greenfield (University Librarian; information literacy specialist; UWGEC)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Harrison (University Teaching Center; Gen. Ed. Instructor)
    Ms. Sheril Hook (University Librarian; information literacy specialist; UWGEC)
  • Dr. Christopher Johnson (Digital Media Resource Center, ILC; learning technologies and facilities)
  • Dr. Gwendolyn Johnson (OIRE, Instructional Assessment; UWGEC)
  • Ms. Patti King (Curriculum and Registration; University Council)
  • Ms. Deb Kruse (University School; professional advisors; UWGEC)
  • Mr. David Padgett (Pima Community College articulation and advising)
  • Ms. Celeste Pardee (Curriculum and Registration; University Council)


Ms. Anne Marie Jones (Program Coordinator, Senior, Office of the Provost)