General Education Student Learning Outcomes

In the Summer of 1995, groups of UA faculty met to develop a new university-wide general education curriculum. The Faculty Senate adopted the new University-wide General Education structure in 1997.

A subcommittee of the University-wide General Education Committee began designing a process to measure the effectiveness of the curriculum in 1998. In the summer of 1999, a Committee of Tier One and Tier Two faculty members began refining the desired outcomes and examining measures for the assessment process. The Assessment subcommittee of the University-wide General Committee presented the outcomes and recommendations for measures to the full Committee in spring 2000.

In fall 2006, a Leadership Team on Outcomes Assessment (LTOA) was convened by the Provost’s Office and charged with developing successful partnerships with individuals on campus who support the operations of outcomes assessment efforts. The LTOA's initial projects focused on general education however, the ultimate goal was to identify strategies that lead continuous improvement of the teaching and learning experience for students and to provide a recommendation for assessment at the University that is meaningful, manageable, and sustainable. The group was also asked to provide input to the campus community and to central administration regarding external (e.g., accreditation, ABOR) calls for data to demonstrate that students are achieving the institutions goals for learning.