Proposal Guidlines

The following information is needed for UWGEC to evaluate new General Education proposals for Tier One and Tier Two courses, Foundations courses (mathematics, second language, freshmen composition) and Diversity Emphasis courses.

To submit a university-wide general education course proposal, complete the following steps:

  1. Read the General Education Philosophy Statement and the policy regarding Who Can Teach General Education courses. 
  2. Follow the General Education Course Syllabus Template when developing your syllabus.
  3. Look over the Course Proposal Rubric that UWGEC uses to evaluate proposals.
  4. Submit the proposal and syllabus as Word documents (docx) through UAccess Course Management System. Include General Education course approval in your route for review.
  5. If more information is needed during the review process, or if changes are necessary before the course meets General Education standards, UWGEC will contact the department/school representative.
  6. Submit the Course Modification Request in the Course Management System if the course already exists in the system. Include the syllabus for UWGEC's review.

General Education course proposals are routed for approval by the department or school, college, and General Education committee. Deadlines for new courses and course modifications are set by the Office of the Registrar. Proposal reviews generally take 6-8 weeks.