Who Can Teach Gen Ed Courses?

The philosophy behind the guiding principles of the original Faculty-Senate approved plan for the new University-Wide General Education program was that experienced faculty have an increased role in the education of lower-division students. Early contact with such faculty is a hallmark of the new General Education program and is critical to providing students the enriched educational experience implied in the guidelines for Tier One and Tier Two course proposals. Based on this principle, the following policy establishes who can teach approved Tier One and Tier Two courses.

Primary instructors (or instructors of record) in General Education courses must be faculty members, as defined by the Arizona Board of Regents policy 6-201 and have the required credentials to teach as determined by the Higher Learning Commission.  Graduate Assistants in Teaching and Graduate Associates in Teaching may serve as secondary instructors - e.g., leaders of labs and discussion sections - provided that they receive preparation and supervision as mandated by the Graduate College.  GATs may serve as instructors of record during a Summer Session or Winter Session, under guidelines set forth separately.

Tier One courses (INDV, NATS, TRAD) are constructed so that a number of faculty members can teach them in different semesters.

Tier Two courses (Individuals & Societies, Natural Sciences, Humanities, Arts) are constructed so that one or more faculty members can teach them. 

Approved by UWGEC 4/19/00 | Revised by the Policy Subcommittee 9/12/01 | Approved by UWGEC 1/23/02