Original Guiding Principles

It was the determination of UA faculty that The University of Arizona General Education Program would be a unique, state-of-the-art experience. The intent of the new program is to provide students with the tools and integration of knowledge necessary to maximize their potential for success in the 21st Century. All courses in the program must involve active student learning, the use of technology, and considerable writing. These courses must also teach principles determined by the faculty to be essential for the remaining portions of our curriculum. In light of an evolving appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge, the faculty determined it is no longer acceptable to teach the traditional disciplinary, introduction-to-the majors courses as general education. The inspiration for this program is to provide interdisciplinary exposure through broadly-based courses in Tier One and throughout the general education program that together cover three major study areas of education.

  1. The Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) is the recommended path for community college students to complete general education. Students who complete the AGEC will have satisfied the university lower-division general education requirements in accordance with statewide transfer policies.
  2. The University of Arizona Tier One and Two program should be preserved as the recommended path for students beginning at The University of Arizona.

  3. The University of Arizona will apply the maximum number of transfer course credits while maintaining the underlying principle of its general education requirement; that is, each student will experience a coherent, consistent foundational body of knowledge at Tier One.

  4. Arizona public community college courses that meet the defined categories within the AGEC parameters will apply to a like category at the University of Arizona.

  5. All transfer credit should be applied for all students according to the same guidelines regardless of where the work is earned. AP/CLEP/IB credit will be treated identically with other transfer credit.

  6. Demonstration of proficiency in a second language is a graduation requirement.

  7. The University of Arizona will consider courses for evaluation as equivalent to Tier One and Tier Two courses.