Diversity Emphasis

Diversity Emphasis courses were originally identified as either Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity, or Non-Western Cultures.

Guidelines for Gender, Race, Class And Ethnicity
A course proposed to meet the gender, race, class and ethnicity requirement must involve at least two, and should, whenever possible, involve all three, of the following:
  1. Explicit representation of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race or social class in course material.
  2. Contain the systematic use of gender, sexual orientation, social class, race or ethnicity as analytical categories.
  3. Require a substantial quantity of materials written or interpreted by members of the targeted group or groups.
Guidelines for Non-Western Civilization
Broadly-defined, non-Western means non-European. Beyond this general guideline, the term points to cultural perspectives, behavior, and influences delimited less by geographical location than by their contrast with those shaped by the dominant thoughts and economies of western Europe and America. Courses may be designated "non-Western" if they involve at least two, and when possible all four, of the following:
  1. Explicit representation of non-Western civilizations (institutions, perspectives, patterns of behavior, and cultural products) in course materials
  2. Systematic exploration of non-Western modes of thought and analysis
  3. Consideration of the nature of contacts between traditions
  4. Materials written, created, or interpreted by non-Westerners