Student Learning Outcomes

In the Course Evaluation Rubric, this information can be found in Appendix B.  At the end of their General Education program, students will be able to:

Think critically

  1. Exercise synthetic, analytic and/or computational reasoning as needed to solve problems.
  2. Raise salient questions about the evidence, inferences, and conclusions of inquiries, including one’s own inquiries.
  3. Infer and assess the ambiguities, assumptions, values, and purposes at issue in inquiries, including one’s own work.

Communicate effectively

  1. Interpret and clearly present information in varied formats, including graphs, charts, and multimedia projects.
  2. Compose correct and clear written material in multiple formats such as research logs, researched reports, exam answers, and reflective essays.
  3. Improve written and visual documents in response to feedback.

Understand and value differences

  1. Assess how different modes of inquiry and expression are appropriate in varied cultural and disciplinary contexts.
  2. Examine how differences in cultural and individual viewpoints expand our understanding of human experience.

Use information effectively

  1. Access and evaluate the reliability of information from varied sources, including internet and library resources.
  2. Use information sources ethically and responsibly.


Overall Learning Goals & Objectives for the University-wide General Education Program Approved by the UWGEC May 17, 2006

Learning Outcome Alignment Example

Course Learning Outcome General Education Program Student Learning Outcomes
Think Critically Use Information Effectively Understand and Value Differences Communicate Effectively
Students will demonstrate knowledge of social perspective differences     Assessment:
Assignment on social differences
Students will be able to communicate in writing on topics related to politics       Assessment:
Term Paper on a topic based on political theory
Students will apply information learned in class critically in a case study Assessment:
Case Study

Note: Not all course learning outcomes will align with the GE Program outcomes, however, at least one of your outcomes should align with Communicate Effectively, as all General Education courses are writing emphasis courses.