Signature Assignments

Each course will include one or more signature assignments that demonstrate key learning outcomes from curricular categories and attributes. These assignments will highlight student work for potential employers, graduate programs, and other post-baccalaureate endeavors. Instructors are free to shape this assignment but should note that it will become part of students' GE ePortfolios to represent their engagement in the curriculum. The following table demonstrates what signature assignments are and what they are not to help clarify the distinction between "assignments" and "signature assignments."

What signature assignments are:

  • The emphasis of the course (or most representative of students' learning)

  • Authentic and meaningful learning experiences

  • Connected to learning outcomes

What signature assignments are not:

  • Single assignments (i.e. in-class work, low stakes assignments, etc.)

  • The "most weighted" or "highest point" assignments

  • Disconnected from learning outcomes

  • Easily removed from the course

What is the purpose of Signature Assignments? 

Signature assignments are designed to help students make meaning of their work by connecting individual, course, and GE learning goals. By gathering signature assignments students have the opportunity to identify meaningful learning experiences throughout their GE courses, reinforcing what is relevant and useful to transfer to their major courses and beyond. Additionally, signature assignments help instructors communicate their learning goals to students and fellow instructors and further our community and engagement to quality teaching and learning.

What is an example of a Signature Assignment? 

Examples of signature assignments include, but are not limited to, reflections (written, oral, artistic, multimedia), presentations (oral, visual, musical, artistic), compositions, research projects, service learning projects, social, economic, or environmental justice projects, and creative endeavors (artistic, design, technological, problem solving). There is no media/modality requirement for signature assignments -- instead we encourage instructors to shape the assignment based on learning outcomes.